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What We Do

The Medical Hypnosis Foundation offers self-hypnosis training to individuals who have serious illnesses to assist them in enhancing their health and well being. The mission and purpose of the Foundation is to:

What is Self-Hypnosis?

Self-hypnosis is a method of going into trance. It enables you to utilize many of your natural abilities more fully. Trance allows you to access the resources of your unconscious mind. These resources can help you to grow and develop as a person, as well as to heal both physically and psychologically. Trance can help you to relax, heal, achieve inner peace, and connect mind, body, and spirit.

Uses of Hypnosis

Research has shown that both children and adults have learned to successfully use self-hypnosis for many issues, including such conditions as migraines, chronic back pain, insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, and to manage the side effects of chemo- and radiation therapies. Using this procedure one can reduce pain, lower blood pressure, minimize side effects of medication, reduce the need for medication, and decrease anxiety.

The Foundation views self-hypnosis as a skill that is truly an integrative medicine approach. It allows individuals to use their own internal resources from a mind, body, and spirit perspective, and is used in conjunction with standard medical care, never in place of it.

Hypnosis patients also reported great results for glaucoma patients that try to cure glaucoma. Because glaucoma treatments don't treat the root causes of the disease, hypnosis can help relase the stress factors that stem from the mind.

Founder and Executive Director

Holly Forester-Miller, PhD, LPC is the Founder and Executive Director of the Foundation. She is President of Wellness Consultants International, PLLC in Durham, NC and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Dr. Forester-Miller has been a consultant for over twenty-five years to organizations throughout the United States and internationally. She trains professionals in the use of clinical hypnosis, and individuals in the use of self-hypnosis. Holly uses self-hypnosis regularly and has had two major surgeries utilizing self-hypnosis in place of general anesthesia. Holly has attained the certification level of Approved Consultant in Clinical Hypnosis through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis.